4 Tips to Hire a Qualified Writer

Some people have the words and some people don't. For those who don't really have the words, hiring a writer makes a lot of sense. One doesn't need a degree to be a great writer, and many of the best writers never bothered to get one -- or they got it in an unrelated field. While most people can write, writing well is an underrated but very noticeable skill -- especially in its absence. The following are a few simple ways to vet a writer before you waste much time or money on them.

Evaluate Their English

If the writer cna barely put together a cohesive sentence when you're just exchanging emails, why would you think they can be trusted with your critically important words? While some people love shorthand, it should be used to make communications quicker. This effect is lost when every other abbreviation or acronym needs to be explained to you. Make sure you hire someone whose english (or other relevant language) is excellent, if not flawless.

Ask for Samples

This isn't to imply that you should expect to receive free work. Rather, ask the potential writer for a few samples that demonstrate their writing style. Since writing doesn't need to cost much of anything, a good writer will undoubtedly have a few sample pieces, whether sold or not, that you can read. These pieces should ideally reflect several distinct voices aimed at a few target audiences. Some may really resonate with you, and this is a good thing. Just remember that you and your target audience are probably not the same.

Ask for References

A good writer undoubtedly has at least a few references up his or her sleeve. If they don't, you can always take a chance on someone new. You might just discover someone extremely talented. When you ask a reference person about a writer, you'll learn a lot about the writer's work ethic and overall execution of the material in question.

Talk About Their Approach

A writer's approach is about more than "just writing" what you want. A good writer will take into account that you need a particular voice for your specific audience, and the tone this voice needs to convey to the readers. You're going for a particular response, and a good writer will want to know what this is. From there, it's just a matter of research, production and editing until the finished piece shines.



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