How to Start Writing a Book

As a matter of fact, every saneperson living on this planet Earthis a writer-in-waiting. It needsa little more elaboration assome eyebrows may be raised in utter disbelief. The Bond that Binds A Book With Its Writer First,it is requiredto understand the nature of the bond that binds a book with its author. A book, ifone looks deeply, is a reflection of the knowledge, experience and/or the imagin...


3 Tips to Hire a Qualified Literary Agent

A great literary agent can do wonderful things for your career. If you don't use a quality literary agent, your book may never be picked up by a good quality publisher. Even if it is picked up, a quality agent is going to negotiate a far more generous set of terms for you. Of course, not every literary agent is going to work in your best interests, if only because some agents just aren't...


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