3 Tips to Hire a Qualified Translation Professional

A lot of times you may want to communicate in a language you don't know and don't particularly want to learn. So it makes sense to hire a professional translator. When you want to have something translated by a professional, you need to make sure you're hiring someone who is actually qualified to do the job. In the modern world, there are tons of different ways to have something professionally done and ways to know when a professional is of high quality. You would be wise to thoroughly vet your potential translator before you trust them with turning what you have into the language you want it to be. The following are a few ways to make sure the translator you're considering is worth your time and money.

Check Them Out Online

Almost everyone these days has some kind of an online presence. When you go online to look for your potential translator, be prepared for anything. When a person deals with several different cultures, as those fluent in multiple languages often do, they may have done things in the past that would offend your sensibilities. You're looking for what the translator has done professionally, not for a snapshot of their personal life. How many great translating jobs have they done in the past?

Ask Their References

A good translator has undoubtedly worked for several clients and pleased them all. If they haven't, there's a serious problem in itself. If there isn't much experience, ask the translator to work on a part of your project without any pay and allowing you to verify that what you wrote is being correctly translated into its intended language. With good references comes some trust.

Test Them With a Practice Piece

Often the best part of hiring someone without too much experience is that you can get a great deal while they get to work and have you as a reference. In a case like a translator, you can sometimes test a person who doesn't have many references by having them work on a piece of what you want to have translated. If they do well with it, you have no reason whatsoever to doubt that their quality level is high. To check out their work, ask someone who natively speaks the intended language to look it over for clarity. Generally, the native speaker will tell you the truth about the deal you've gotten so far.



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