How to Start Writing a Book

As a matter of fact, every saneperson living on this planet Earthis a writer-in-waiting. It needsa little more elaboration assome eyebrows may be raised in utter disbelief.

The Bond that Binds A Book With Its Writer

First,it is requiredto understand the nature of the bond that binds a book with its author. A book, ifone looks deeply, is a reflection of the knowledge, experience and/or the imagination of its author. Undoubtedly,none willhaveany difficulty in agreeing that most, if not all, are blessed with these qualities at different levels. That follows another key question. That is, in that case whymany of us have written a book, even a creative page so far? The simple answer to that question is that a few myths and misconceptions are always successful in thwarting any person's natural creativity. What are those myths and misconceptions? And how to remove them? This article is an attempt to answer these questions.

A Few Myths And Misconceptions

  1. One need lot of free time: Allot yourself a daily time-slot for your writing project and slowly it will be a part of your routine.
  2. One must be very creative: Yes, but you too are creative! Start recognizing your ability and do not ignore it.
  3. One must be linguisticallyproficient: You need not hold a doctorate in linguistics to be a writer. The style people generally like is a simple language and that is the kind of language you use every day.

The best way to overcome all these self-generated objections is to start writing now, not tomorrow or later, but now! OK, since we have decided to start writing, let us plan it out, step by step.

The Road towards Your Book #1

The steps provided in this article are about the planning of a nonfiction book. Most of the steps given are self-explanatory and hence easy to understand their specific operational aims.

Initially, pick up a field, theme or topic that you are familiar withand passionate about and collect as much information as possible. Parallelly, you must prepare a chapter-wise outline and keep all the collected information in that particular order.

The value and readability of a book are enhanced if it contains lesser known and interesting facts and episodes. Through focused research, you may collect such information.

Before beginning the serious writing, make up a working title for your book. It is always better to have oneexplanatory subtitle too. Both the titles together must make the intent and the content of the book more visible and tempting.

Next step is the final step - writing, that is writing the book. At the end of each chapter or section carry out a thorough proofreading for spelling and grammar errors. Regular editing can transform the quality of your book from average to excellent.



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